Why You Need Address Life Signs

address life signs can save lives Use Address Life Signs™, when seconds count. Address recognition is the priority once the dispatcher has routed the appropriate response team. Vital seconds are lost on every call when the home address numbers are not clearly marked. This is a common problem throughout the country. The lack of standards and thought to this issue are clearly contributing factors to this problem and an Address Life Sign™ solves that problem.

Our Solution - Your Safety Matters to Us

The Address Life Sign™ is truly a superior product when compared to any house address marking system on the market today. The home address product is coated with bright colors and contains highly reflective house numbers. The bright color and the reflective nature make the product equally effective day or night. Until now this type of system was thought to be impossible due to the variation in house numbers.

Reflective House Numbers Include..

Our patented Uni-Number® System

uni-number Peel ‘n Stick numbers
  • Shaped like a block "8" with number one down the middle
  • Uni-Number® allows the customer to create their own address by peeling away the block "8" into a specific number of their own address
  • Patented Uni-Number® can reflect over 100 feet away. Uni-Number® is 3-1/2" H x 2-1/4" W
  • When using the number one, it will line up evenly when used horizontally or vertically. The number one is slightly smaller in length due to the font of the Uni-Number®
  • Uni-Number® is a pressure sensitive reflective number which is ideal for flat surfaces and permanent sign backgrounds such as Address Life Signs™ Plates
  • Instruction sheet included to show how the Uni-Number® can be transformed into any single digit number
  • 1-year warranty applies to no fading or number peeling

Order a Sign Kit:

Curbside Reflective Mailbox Sign with Logo
Curbside Reflective Mailbox Sign with Logo
(2 plates with 10 Uni-Number®, The All-In-One Peel ‘n Stick Numbers™)
Curbside Sign with Logo
Reflective House Sign with Logo
Reflective House Sign with Logo
(1 plate with 4 Uni-Number®, The All-In-One Peel ‘n Stick Numbers™)
House Sign with Logo
Plain Reflective Sign
Plain Reflective Sign
(Available with Curbside Signs or House Signs).
Order Your Plain Sign

Patented universal number system (U.S. Patent #6,760,987)