I’m writing to let you know how pleased we are with Address Life Signs.  One of the goals of our bureau is to “improve the quality of life” in our state.  Many people don’t take the time to think about an emergency happening at their home.  When seconds count, rapid address identification by emergency vehicles can make the difference between life and death.
KS Farm Bureau

These signs allow for a response team to follow the signs over hills and beyond trees to locate residences in the rural area.  These signs are going like gangbusters in our county.  Thanks for your innovation!
R. Connell, CO

I wish to thank you and truly appreciate your companies’ efforts to assist in public safety.  
G. Collier, OH

These signs have helped to cut down response time by making it easier to identify the address much better.  We wish every community had them up!
N. Switzer, MS

All of our family members, particularly the older ones, agree that the Address Life Signs is the product we needed and we are glad we found out about it.
M. Horgan, OH

Use of these signs has been a continued positive success in allowing our Fire & Emergency Medical crews an effective way in locating residences within our area of service.
S. Skeldon, OH

I do not want anyone in my family or friends to be without an Address Life Sign.  I have a responsibility to make my home safe as possible for my family and friends.  If this sign could potentially save seconds off a rescue call, then it has a place on my mailbox post forever!
B. Smith, OH

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