This Address Life Sign saves lives!

This sign saves lives!

Unique Fundraising Idea

  • It’s about SAFETY
  • It’s about SECURITY
  • It’s about reflecting your SCHOOL SPIRIT!

Tired of fundraising the same old fundraiser year after year? Looking for a unique fundraising idea for your community? Address Life Signs™ are the answer!

Address Life Signs™, when seconds count, the final link to the 9-1-1 emergency response system. Address Life Signs™ is truly a superior product when compared to any address marking system on the market today. The product is coated with bright color and the reflective nature make the product equally effective day or night. Until now this type of system was thought to be impossible due to the variation in house numbers. Thanks to our patented Uni-Number®, The All-In-One Peel ‘n Stick Numbers™. we can now deliver any house number in a simple and affordable package which makes a great community service project, Happy Fundraising!!

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